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Broken Tears and Thoughts

- wishing you were somehow here again -

12 December 1984
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Heath Ledger
1979 - 2008
You Will Forever Be Missed
Thank you for showing us what a great actor is capable of

Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity

{ wear }

What can I really say? I was born. Rejoicing was had shortly after my parents had married. They had however, had a boy, older than me and then proceeded to have me after the marriage happened. Weird, huh? Having an older brother has it's advantages - scary boys are taken care of with Dad's gun collection and the fact that my brother is just as scary. Not much more can be said about my childhood, it was in fact - the same as any other childs. I grew up, much to my Daddy's dismay.

Now, you ask? I moved to New Mexico, leaving my BFF Thalia, aka wickedfire. So that makes me sad but somehow we still cause chaos and mock all that we meet, unless we like them of course. I write fanfiction and obsess over things like Harry Potter, Veronica Mars and Lost. You can say anything you want to me, as long as you don't mind my sarcastic side coming back towards you.

I'm happily taken by my boyfriend Devlin, who unfortunately lives in Pittsburgh - death to the Steelers ^_^ Just kidding! I'm a huge football freak, and of course seeing as how I live in Dallas, Texas, I am a huge supporter of the Dallas Cowboys. Thalia has yet to understand my obsession with them. I also love movies, books and anything that'll take me away from this world and into another. Another crazy thing I enjoy? WWE wrestling. You can tell me it's fake but does it look like I care? No. Randy Orton is my lover and I hope soon to have Jeff Hardy join us in that cornicorpia of love. LOL.

You want to know more? Are you crazy? Well, look below.


About a Rose (Info)
- Born: December 12, 1984
- Lives in: New Mexico
- Is dating
- Is 23
- Has an older brother
- Is attending college
- Majors: English and Criminal Justice
Petals of a Rose (Interests/Fandoms)
- Buffy
- Angel
- Harry Potter
- Wrestling
- Football (Dallas Cowboys)
- Veronica Mars
- Lost
- Romance Movies
Leaves of a Rose (Ships)
- Drusilla/Spike
- Buffy/Angel
- Xander/Cordy
- Xander/Anya
- Angel/Spike
- Spike/Xander
- Draco/Hermione
- Draco/Harry
- Ron/Hermione
- Hermione/Viktor
- Logan/Veronica
- Sawyer/Kate
- Randy Orton/Me ^_^
Thorns of a Rose (Disclaimers/No Apologies)
Alright. So let's just say that I don't own anything that I write about except the storylines and/or original characters. Does that cover everything? Because I really don't want to have to deal with it. I mean, I write because it's fun and it's interesting for me. LOL.

Secondly - this is my journal. Meaning you might get offended with some of the stuff I write. Do I care? Not really. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. Be an adult about it and I'll debate you on the subject, I love a good arguement that's handled by adults - not children. If I do something that offends you, feel free to email me or anything. Or, if you want to talk about something, feel free to send me a message. I love meeting new people.

As for friending - friend away ^_^ just leave me a message letting me know what brought you here, it'd be nice to know. Other than that, have a great time in this insane mind of mine. hehe.
Seeds of a Rose (Contact)
- Email: jaded_slytherin@yahoo.com
- AIM: JadedIceRose
- Yahoo: jaded_slytherin
- Other: Ask for it
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Raven's Crushes:

Warning: She will squee if given the opportunity

Randy Orton
Stats: WWE Wrestler, Engaged (pouts)

Ben Roethlisberger
Stats: Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback

Jeff Hardy
Stats: WWE Wrestler, Taken

Slytherin means never having to say you're sorry

Draco/Hermione is Love

[draco + hermione]

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby

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